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Garden Parties and Dancing Madrileños

Just your typical Sunday in Spain.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

With the late night yesterday, we weren’t moving too quickly today. I mean we were still out the door before 10:00, but just not with any kind of urgency. Plus we didn’t have too many things to do as we’ve covered quite a bit of the city and attractions already. If we had been more on top of things, we could’ve done a day trip. But alas, more Madrid it is for us :)


On our way to stop one, we grabbed some tasty chicken baguette sandwiches and sat on a bench to eat them. It was quite nice...until a van pulled up blocking our view and showering us with exhaust fumes.


From there we made our way to the Royal Botanic Gardens, something I never even knew Madrid had. It’s well organized and has all sorts of trees and plants and animals (cats, they’re everywhere!!). They also have this weird looking giant bumble bee-ish thing that is completely black. Very strange indeed. There were areas of color and pretty flowers, but sadly not as much as I would’ve liked. But hey, for 4 euros, I left happy.


So partway through the garden, we became convinced there was a parade taking place outside that we were missing. It would get louder then softer, with bag pipes and drums and various other instruments. We couldn’t imagine what the deal was as it just kept going. It did provide a lovely ambiance to our garden visit, but where and what was the party for?!

Side note: I am sitting outside typing and someone just asked me a question in Spanish about directions...and I actually knew the answer!!! Insert dancing. Numerous people today have assumed I was Spanish and just started talking to me. I love that! End break.

As we were leaving the garden with the music continuing, we were oh so curious to find it. Turns out all along the Paseo del Prado, where a bunch of museums are located, they were having an arts festival. So at short intervals there would be a little group gathered, generally dressed in traditional clothing, and they would be playing music and dancing. Some were showcasing Madrid or other parts of Spain and there was even one with a Bulgarian flag. We jumped from group to group enjoying the sights and sounds. I particularly loved when the younger kids would join in and be dancing or playing the castanets with the older (wait...more seasoned) members of the group. Note: I have video to post at some point too!!


Time to move along and get to our next stop. My favorite building in Madrid (and maybe anywhere) is Palacio de Cibeles. I was so excited to find out they had a terrace you could go up in for views over the city and to admire the dome and building up close. Well strike two for getting in as by the time we left the music and got to Cibeles, the tickets were sold out for the morning entry. And since it’s now 6:30 and I am clearly not getting there by 7:00, that’s strike three :( I guess it does give me a reason to return to Madrid. I was actually thinking about that today while waiting for the metro. I kinda feel like this could be one of my last times here. I mean I absolutely love Madrid, but with so many places in the world I haven’t been to yet, I’m thinking those are gonna have to start take precedent over return visits. Maybe I’m totally wrong, but we shall see.


Enough of that sappy stuff, we’ve gotta move along. Aside from the timing, I had it all mapped out and perfect. Well my map went up in flames too when the metro stop we were right next to was closed. Ugh!! Luckily there was a different one not too far off, but it still annoyed me.

That metro was taking us out to Telerifico de Madrid, which is the cable car that runs from one side of the river over to a park on the other side. It’s an 11 minute journey with some fabulous views. I like cable cars in theory, but in practice they freak me out a little. This one was actually very smooth over the braces and not scary at all. It’s interesting to see from the old town area out to the newer old part to the sky scrapers to the mountains way in the outskirts.


We bought a one-way ticket as from what I had read it seemed like the park on the other side was pretty big and busy and had a metro. Well not so much. It is a giant park: if you’re mountain biking or hiking or drive there for a picnic. But it’s a 20 minute walk from the metro with no real entertainment along the way. Add onto this we haven’t eaten since those small sandwiches about 5 hours ago and Jackie is now hangry. So we bought another one-way ticket back to where we had come from and were about to continue the death march of travel...ie going in search of food, particularly when you’re tired and starving.

With minimal speaking and no decisions being made, we eventually found ourselves back by Mercado San Miguel. I had no desire to fight the crowds and eat there, so instead I grabbed fresh juice and hightailed it away from there while Cindy took her juice on a wander through the market, hopefully successfully locating something amazing. I say hopefully as we have not met back up yet. My juice and I headed to the doner place near our hotel for what is very similar to a Greek gyro. It was delicious (although I wolfed it down so fast I was lucky to enjoy it at all).


From there I took off toward the sunshine and plazas surrounding el Palacio. And that’s where I’ve been this whole time just typing away. But it seems a breakdancing troop has assembled just feet from me, so I must say adios and go check it out for myself. I see visions of gelato on my way back, so I’ll keep you posted.


Turns out those dancers were the same ones we saw another day in a different square. I didn’t watch too long, before going to have one last look at el Palacio and heading back toward the hotel. Along the way I was distracted by a cute shirt in a window and ended up buying that and a Madrid ornament. When I got back, Cindy was nowhere to be seen. I opted to take a seat for a bit before deciding it was time to move along again. That’s when I spotted a note she had left. A few more minutes spent guzzling some water was just enough time for me to hear her unlocking the door...and to scare her when she opened it and I was standing right there. Oops!!

I asked if she was up for dessert, and naturally there is always room for that. Back out we went to enjoy some gelato (banana...my favorite, and brownie?! Why yes please!!) and people watching. One final stroll through Puerta del Sol wrapped up our time in Madrid. All that was left to do was get packed up and set the alarm for what turned out to be our less than 4 hour nap (but that’s no worse than my 1 hour nap on the way here, so I should be good). Lights out around midnight (really...where is the time going cause it felt like it was only about 9pm) and the alarm set for 3:40. Vacations are not meant for the weak (ha ha ha).


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Cheers to One Fine Day

Here’s to old friends and new ones.

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Having done two walking tours yesterday, we opted to skip the 11am one today. We had a fairly leisurely wake up and time getting ready. We had decided to check out Mercado de San Miguel for breakfast, so by 9:45 we were on our way.


Timing wise that worked out perfect as we arrived just before they opened. That meant way less people and an easier time moving around looking at and photographing everything. So many tasty options, to choose from. As well as quite a few interesting, and some borderline scary things. Markets like this cover all the bases for tourists and locals alike: fruit, bread, sweets, meats (either cooked or raw to take home and prepare), fish from the fried variety to those still looking at you with their beedy little eyes, cheeses, and so many ready to eat small portions showcasing all those delicious ingredients. A veritable feast for all the senses. We both grabbed fresh fruit juice (mango, passion fruit, orange for me and some raspberry coconut, beet option for Cindy). Then we ordered up a cute little stuffed empanada each. Sadly my basic meat one was not the curry chicken one I had wanted and ordered. Disappointing, but still tasty.


Snacks over, we were headed back toward the Palacio Real and Catedral de la Almudena to get more photos than yesterday’s tour allowed. Not to mention I’ve been waiting 24 years to get into that church (spoiler alert: it was worth the wait!!). We climbed the stairs and located the entrance (no easy feat as the first 2 times I was here, I couldn’t figure out how to even get in the building. What looks like the main facade on the square facing the palace is just the ceremonial entrance. Somehow I don’t qualify as special enough to use that though...how rude!). At first glance it seemed fairly simple. But then you turn and look up and that’s when all the stained glass panels and colorful ceilings come into view. Every little nook and cranny seemed to have a statue with stain glass behind it. Just beautiful.


That crossed off my list (at long last), it was around to the main square to snap some pics there. Good thing we had no plans to go in the palace as the line for that was pretty crazy. I am good just admiring the architectural wonder from the outside...especially when bathed in sunshine! Too bad there’s a big old ugly fence blocking off any views behind the square toward the mountains outside the city. But I am pretty sure I can get us some views from the park a bit further down.


So off we went toward the park when Cindy spotted some guards outside the palace. Talk about the perfect happy accident: we showed up just in time to secure a front row seat to the changing of the guard...on foot and horseback!!! I didn’t even know they did such a thing in Madrid, but my Spanish eavesdropping paid off to know not to leave. Videos and photos were on order for this super cool sight and the sounds of the drums leading the way. Plus how do you not love the clip clop of horses hooves on cobblestones?! As Cindy pointed out, good thing we bailed on that walking tour as this was so much more fun and entertaining. To be honest, I had totally forgotten about it already.


Ok, day made and it’s barely noon. Might as well continue the gloriousness that is sitting in a European park. Sitting in Los Jardines de Sabatini, when it is clearly warmer than the predicted 64 degrees, I totally wish I had worn a skort today. And to quote myself, “I just wanna take my pants off. That’s probably frowned upon, but it’s just so warm that I totally wanna take my pants off.” I opted not to scare any small children or the older gentleman on the bench next to us (or Cindy for that matter) and suffered through. Such sacrifices!!


From one garden and park to the next, we took a swing through each of them. Then it was time to find Plaza de España, which I remember the monument surrounded by a carpet of flowers. Yet another work in progress, the entire area is fenced off and tore up. Ok, so now where to?!


One more park I remember from a bike tour I was on. It actually contains an Egyptian temple, for reasons I cannot recall at the moment. Regardless, it is also set on the cliff area with some pretty fabulous views across to the mountains. We spent a good deal of time enjoying those views. We thought about going into the area containing the temples, but there was a line and they only let a limited number of people in at a time. So that would be a no to that thought.


Hunger calling, we had our eyes peeled for any and all options. I saw a sign for a creperia, the menu looked great, and bonus that there was an open table in the sun. Sold!!! We both loved our choices - some kind of ham and cheese for Cindy and the Texano bbq beef with crispy onions for me. We would’ve loved to partake in the dessert crepes, but with a food tour only a few hours away, we better not.


More walking and wandering with no real destination in mind. We eventually made our way back toward our hotel, and with time to spare, we took a mapless meander around there. It’s a working class neighborhood and had a lot of typical things like little corner stores and bars, cafes and alleyways. The only thing is all the streets kept leading us down down down. Eventually we landed at the very bottom of the street our hotel is on, way down by the train station. Time to hike it back up up up so we can get ready for tonight’s festivities.


Back in 2011 my friend Julianne found this amazing food tour (like the kind of amazing where 2 weeks later I turned on NBC’s “Where in the world is Matt Lauer?” and Matt was in San Miguel market with our guide Andrés). So all these years later, I decided to look and see if he was still doing tours. Sure enough, he is and I was able to get us signed up for one. Then I had a moment of panic wondering if I should’ve picked a different tour cause maybe it wouldn’t be as good or we’d do exactly the same stuff and I didn’t want that. But too late, we’re going with it...and it absolutely ended up being the right choice!!


We met our little group of 7 in Plaza de la Villa. It was the two of us, John & Mandy from Edinburgh, and John and his two sons Jeff and Bryan from California and Arizona. We all got along famously and by the end of the tour, we headed to San Miguel to share one final bottle of wine without Andres.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we had lots of fun and tasty stops before that. We started in what I believe to be the same bar as we did last time. They have fabulous Vermut on tap that they all enjoyed with some olives. No matter the country or the kind, I just can’t do olives. Then they brought out these little fried bacalao (cod) nuggets with a madroño jam. Alright, I’ll try it but I probably won’t like it...but wait...that is delicious!! How can that be?!


Time for stop number two and the several wine or sherry options there. Those were accompanied by a plate of sliced sausage and jamon (all super tasty), as well as this interesting tortilla with pimiento and morcilla in it. You don’t see that every day!


Walking from place to place, conversation amongst everybody was plentiful. Andres was willing to answer all our questions and point out the sights along the way. And we were all having a magnificent time. Stop number three had its own restaurant dog that liked to keep coming around to visit. But the highlight here (and of the tour and quite possibly all my food in Madrid) was the seared pork with potatoes served with two different red wines (I preferred the second, decanted one myself). Had I known this was the last stop (I was thinking there’d be one more), I would’ve eaten more before they started feeding stuff to the puppy. But alas, there was still the dessert wine with ice cream to finish things off and it’s not like I didn’t get plenty to eat.


Upon our return to Plaza de la Villa there was a group photo to snap before we headed off together all food and liquored up. John and Mandy had a wine recommendation so why not just buy the whole giant (like seriously giant) bottle and have the 7 of us drink that. We finally said our goodbyes and headed toward home...Cindy having claimed that giant blue bottle as she felt it was just too pretty for them to throw it away. Now the trick will be fitting it into her bag (side note: it has safely made its way to Barcelona). Somehow we ended up in a shop at like 11pm, slightly drunk, and not having bought any souvenirs yet. Thankfully I only made one small purchase and continued on our way.


So in going through the photos, it appears I completely forgot the fact that after the food tour and shopping, Cindy and I ended up at the ice cream shop next door (what the what?!). We each got big cups full that we took to the room, threw open our patio windows, pulled a bench over, and ate that ice cream right there under the full moon sometime after midnight. Craziness I tell you!! And you wonder why I haven’t had time to post :P


These sun not setting until 9:30pm days just wreak havoc with your sense of time...thus making it oh so easy to lose track and yet again be up till 2:00. At this rate I’ll be out cold before our plane even begins to taxi on the 24th. A girl can dream can’t she ;)

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Tours Day

Where the old meets the new.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Today was all about the walking tours. Any good traveler knows a perfect way to get a lay of the land is by searching out some free walking tours. Most major cities have numerous companies and options to choose from. And well Madrid is no exception. We ended up going with Strawberry tours as they had a good distinction between the Old, Historical city and the New City. And then a bonus tour of the Artists Quarter. We figured we could do one tour a day and that would be perfect. Glitch number one of that plan was not making it for the 4:00pm tour on Thursday. And since we still didn’t have a definite plan for Sunday, we weren’t sure if we could hit the third tour that day or not either. So what the heck, we might as well go all in and hit two tours in one day. Challenge accepted!!


First tour of the day was at 10:30. Not knowing for sure how long it’d take to get to Plaza de Isabel, we opted to air on the side of early. Also not knowing what food options would be in that neighborhood, we decided not to risk it and grab a little something something from La Mallorquina right away. And hey, if time allowed, we could always grab something else too ;) I nabbed an absolutely delicious jamon y queso (ham & cheese) empanada. Not too crazy of a choice, unless you realize that I positively despise ham and am not a huge cheese fan either. The thought of ham and cheese at home would set my gag reflex into overdrive for sure. But give it a foreign name and European twist, and suddenly I find myself ready to dive in. And well let’s be clear: most European food far surpasses any American food quality and taste standards.


Either we are far faster walkers than anticipated or the map scale looked way off. In any case, we arrived at our destination like an hour before we needed to be. But that was actually good as it gave us a chance to check out the one Plaza and snap all the requisite photos before we were under the tour time crunch. Photos snapped, why not see if we could find breakfast 2.0...the sweet course (must keep your strength up for those walking tours). Not only did we find a great little bakery, but a great little bakery offering up a deal. We each wanted a napolitano, and if you bought 2, they gave you a 3rd just because. Woo hoo...extra pastry goodness for all!! Whereas we ate the empanadas while walking, we took the napolitanos into the square and ate them while admiring the scenery. I love a good picnic like that. And the birds loved all the crumbs our light, flaky pastries were leaving behind for them.


Fueled up, it was time to meet our guide Leticia and get this Old City Tour started. She was super cute and energetic and very knowledgable (she’s actually an anthropologist), and her English was amazing. But sometimes all that knowledge is just way too much information that nobody really cares to hear. I love the overview, I just didn’t need to spend over an hour standing in the first two places getting a complete history lesson. Show me the shiny stuff already!!!


Once we got moving and she launched into more stories and less facts, things picked up. Full disclosure: I am typing this days later at 5am in the airport, so you’re not gonna get much detail. Anyhoo, it was great to hear info about some things I’ve seen numerous times over the years but not known anything about. Oh yes, and I almost forgot to mention the stupid weather. After Thursday’s gorgeous 80s and sun, Friday was overcast with a fairly biting wind at times. With my skort on, I was not at all dressed properly for the wind chills.


By the time the tour ended, we were in Plaza Mayor and absolutely starving. One of the other things I enjoyed, was when Leticia began giving us insight into today’s Madrid. Of particular interest were her restaurant recommendations. We took her up on one of those, and headed to a toasty place to get a very tasty menu del dia. I’m not sure if I’ve ever really eaten paella in Spain as it’s usually seafood heavy. This place had a chicken option, so I did that for my first course. Second was this tasty steak with some fries. Finally I had to go with the flan. And to wash it all down?! Tinto de verano, a summery red wine drink that is big in the south of Spain.


As we were close to the hotel, I needed to head back and put on some warmer cloths before carrying on. And then we had just enough time to get back to the square for the New City tour...which ended up being with Leticia also. I was looking forward to this one getting me to a part of Madrid I hadn’t seen yet this trip. That ended up being good and bad as the one Street is totally under construction. They are making improvements in their bid to gain UNESCO world heritage status. Plus there were some spots points where we should’ve had time and better positioning for the photo ops...instead of spending 45 minutes in one spot again at the beginning. After the tour we went back to some of said photo ops and did things right. One thing we couldn’t do though was get up to the terrace in Palacio de Cibeles as the last entry time was already passed (sad face...hopefully another time...more sad faces there too).


Finally there was nothing left to do but go in search of more food to finish out the day. We ended up back in our neighborhood at this place that had bocadillos advertised out front. Turns out since we sat inside, that was not an option. Oh well, guess we’ll just order a few things to share, including a giant pitcher of sangria. I was in desperate need of some tortilla, the Spanish specialty made from potatoes and eggs. I also ordered some pan con tomate and croquetas. Well had I known we would get our own full size tortilla, I probably wouldn’t have needed quite so much other stuff. Oh well, maybe we can take a doggy bag to go since we do have a refrigerator. Well look at that, we can :) No room left to try any dessert, but just for asking for your bill they bring this cute little bottle of some cream alcohol. Let me just say that was oh so tasty!! I even had him write down the name cause ya just never know when that might come in handy.


Full bellies, we made our way back to the room to get ready for yet another day of fun and adventures to come.


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Walking on sunshine!!

Un dia magnifico!

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

DISCLAIMER: This is actually being typed up on Friday, after having drank (drunk?!) a half a pitcher of sangria. I cannot be held accountable for typos and loopiness.

So we pick things up at Mola Suites after our metro trip into the city center. Unable to check in, we commandeered the giant bathroom and got ready to hit the road. Day 1 of the trip was supposed to be the best weather day, and it did not disappoint.

We immediately headed out and wound our way through the streets back to the main square closest to our hotel, Puerta del Sol. It’s this large open area with a fountain and statues where lots of the action takes place. Anything from government protests to the New Year’s Eve celebration to weird looking “Disney” characters wandering around to snap photos with you. But I must say that early on an 80 degree sunny Thursday morning may be the best/emptiest I’ve ever seen the place (for those not in the know, this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve been to Madrid...Spain is where I studied abroad in college, and it was love at first sight for me).


Anyhoo, Cindy has never been to Spain so it was my mission to dazzle her right away. And well nothing dazzles more than a world famous bakery that has been around since 1894. La Mallorquina is this cheap, adorable little place tucked right into the corner of Puerta del Sol. We both went with one of their specialties, la napolitana...a chocolate cream stuffed, flaky little piece of heaven.


From there we were off to Plaza Mayor, yet another action filled square that is also home to countless cafes and bars. We were actually early enough that the cafes didn’t even have their tables out yet. Part of that could be that we just missed a huge celebration for the patron saint of Madrid, San Isidro, by a mere matter of hours (darn it!!) so it was probably a very late night/early morning around here. But I gotta say, it was so nice to not have to dodge as many people and vendors selling crap as is normally everywhere in here.


Another side note: I absolutely suck at directions and map reading. You’d think after all the trips I’ve taken I’d get a clue. But nope...I’m just smart enough to always try and travel with a map reader. But since I’ve been here so many times I figured come on, how bad could I be?! Turns out pretty bad when I couldn’t find us on the map, even after 2 different very kind Madrileños offered up assistance (ugh!). Thankfully we finally got it figured out and were pointed in the right direction to find my favorite park...but not before a quick pit stop by the train station. There’s just something about European train stations, and Madrid’s Atocha is one of the best. They actually have a renowned garden area in there and the architecture is just stunning. I’ll take a train station over an art museum any day of the week!!


But above anything, give me a sunny day and a good park or garden and I am in my happy place. Which is why we were high tailing it toward Parque Retiro on this gorgeous day. In any good garden, there must be time for sitting...so that’s exactly what we did. After a swing by the area dedicated to remembering the victims of Madrid’s 2004 terrorist attack, we sat a bit and then Cindy couldn’t resist taking her shoes off and walking in the lush green grass. Through the sculpted shrubbery area, we finally found our way to the lake and watched the people struggling with their rented row boats. Following several wrong turns trying to follow a map that clearly was not built to scale, we finally found the Palacio de Cristal and had a look at the sculptures inside. We were also rather amused by all the turtles in the little lake out front, particularly the ones sunning themselves, sometimes on top of one and other.


Next on the list was to find the fountain of the Fallen Angel and the Rosaleda, or rose garden. When I was here in 2011, the rose garden was getting past its prime, but today it was in full glorious bloom!! The sights, the smells, the colors....all incredible! I wanted to just float up and get a view from above, but sadly that was not possible. Instead I tried to just soak it all in before it was time to get back to the hotel and check in before our 6 hour locker rental was up. Wait...what?! We’ve been out and about for 6 hours already?! Oh my!!


In order to help our tired tootsies, we hopped the metro back. No problems checking in and our apartment was oh so cute and comfy. It overlooks this great street which is super cute during the day...but holy loud and crazy right now at 12:30 on a Friday night. Hopefully the shutters on the windows will be fairly good at keeping the noise out (fingers crossed as now the drunken singing has begun).


All checked in, we realized we hadn’t eaten more than a pastry since arriving and it was now around 4:30. Time to find food, but here’s where Madrid gets tricky: we were kinda at the dead hour between the Spanish lunch time of 2ish and dinner time of 8ish. Luckily it’s touristy enough that there is always something to be found, just no guarantees on what that will be or include. A pretty sure bet was to head to Plaza de Santa Ana, an area chocked full of cafes and bars. We found an outdoor table to share a pitcher of sangria and some lovelie croquetas and patatas bravas (delicious!).


By this point we were beyond exhausted, so why not just walk some more. Back to Plaza Mayor it is!! Plus we need to figure out how to get to the meeting point for our food tour on Saturday, so we tried doing that. It took several twists and turns down tiny winding streets that keep changing names, but we finally found it...but can we figure out a direct route back?! Your guess is as good as mine!!


The benefit of all that walking...dessert!! And well there isn’t a much more Spanish dessert than chocolate con churros, so that was our next scavenger hunt. We ended up at this little cafe where we got the churros free and I must say it was a perfect end to our perfect day. Bringing together for me great memories from past trips with these fun new memories. And one thing is certain: I will never regret this seemingly impulse trip buy. Gracias a España por un dia magnifico!


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The joys of travel...

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019


We are currently 35,000 feet up, somewhere over the east coast with about 6 hours left to go. I am stuck in my middle seat, crammed behind a tray of not too good food Air France and South African Airlines spoiled me and well Iberia isn’t even close to meeting those standards (dried out burnt pasta just isn’t my thing I guess). At least the burger and fries I scarfed down at O’Hare was way tastier and had filled me up.

35C08564-CA43-4AF2-BDB3-9344DF996064.jpeg 8A08C841-C75B-4D53-8B67-001960F7E645.jpeg

Hmmm...I seem to be writing this post in reverse, so I may as well continue. We only had about 2 hours to kill at O’Hare, so that wasn’t too bad. Thankfully our flight from GRB to ORD had gone off without a hitch. There was the teeny tiny baby right behind us, but they were only vocal during take off and landing (whew!). And the day started off with a lovely visit with my friend Joan before she whisked us away to the airport.

So now I am left with my Barcelona & Madrid guidebook and the hope that I may catch at least a few minutes of sleep. Sadly the crazy flight time doesn’t really lend itself to that (we left Chicago at 4:40pm and arrive in Madrid at 7:25am their time, meaning midnight Green Bay time). Good thing I can run on travel adrenaline alone, so I’ll be ready to hit the plazas regardless of sleep deprivation. Hasta luego!!

Well, I’m still trapped on this plane, but we’re getting there. After watching “A Star is Born” (which is 2 hours of my life I can’t get back), I did finally manage to doze off. We shall see if that hour ends up being a good thing or not. I gotta imagine they’re gonna feed us again soon. Again: will that be a good or bad thing?!? (And survey says the box was cute, but the food was on the disappointing side again.) Oh the joys of flying.

Here’s the situation: it’s currently almost 11pm Spain time and I’m going off that one tiny little hour of sleep...followed by almost 30,000 steps today. So basically all you’re gonna get is up until we arrived at the hotel. Hopefully tomorrow I will be a fresh as a daisy typing machine.

Ok, so back to the flight...we were descending about 30 minutes after they fed us, landing on time or maybe a little early. But that just meant extra time to spend in the passport control line (yay us :P ). Once they opened up an area for the line to wind around and opened up an extra lane, order was restored. It sill took us like an hour and a half by the time we had our luggage claimed and set off in search of the metro.


We are staying in an area of Madrid that I am familiar with...albeit I totally suck at maps and directions so I can’t actually get us anywhere in a direct route. I take that back: I got us from the airport to the hotel without so much as a glitch! Gold star for that at least. Anyhoo, getting to the hotel at 10am it was far too early to check in. So we got ourselves sunshine and hot weather ready, stored our suitcases in the hotel lockers, and set off in search of all the sites. And well we didn’t see everything (yet), but we sure did cover a whole lot of ground.

But that’s where the action stops for today. Sleep is calling and I must answer. Catch you tomorrow with hopefully the rest of the days events.

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