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Wednesday, May 15, 2019


We are currently 35,000 feet up, somewhere over the east coast with about 6 hours left to go. I am stuck in my middle seat, crammed behind a tray of not too good food Air France and South African Airlines spoiled me and well Iberia isn’t even close to meeting those standards (dried out burnt pasta just isn’t my thing I guess). At least the burger and fries I scarfed down at O’Hare was way tastier and had filled me up.

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Hmmm...I seem to be writing this post in reverse, so I may as well continue. We only had about 2 hours to kill at O’Hare, so that wasn’t too bad. Thankfully our flight from GRB to ORD had gone off without a hitch. There was the teeny tiny baby right behind us, but they were only vocal during take off and landing (whew!). And the day started off with a lovely visit with my friend Joan before she whisked us away to the airport.

So now I am left with my Barcelona & Madrid guidebook and the hope that I may catch at least a few minutes of sleep. Sadly the crazy flight time doesn’t really lend itself to that (we left Chicago at 4:40pm and arrive in Madrid at 7:25am their time, meaning midnight Green Bay time). Good thing I can run on travel adrenaline alone, so I’ll be ready to hit the plazas regardless of sleep deprivation. Hasta luego!!

Well, I’m still trapped on this plane, but we’re getting there. After watching “A Star is Born” (which is 2 hours of my life I can’t get back), I did finally manage to doze off. We shall see if that hour ends up being a good thing or not. I gotta imagine they’re gonna feed us again soon. Again: will that be a good or bad thing?!? (And survey says the box was cute, but the food was on the disappointing side again.) Oh the joys of flying.

Here’s the situation: it’s currently almost 11pm Spain time and I’m going off that one tiny little hour of sleep...followed by almost 30,000 steps today. So basically all you’re gonna get is up until we arrived at the hotel. Hopefully tomorrow I will be a fresh as a daisy typing machine.

Ok, so back to the flight...we were descending about 30 minutes after they fed us, landing on time or maybe a little early. But that just meant extra time to spend in the passport control line (yay us :P ). Once they opened up an area for the line to wind around and opened up an extra lane, order was restored. It sill took us like an hour and a half by the time we had our luggage claimed and set off in search of the metro.


We are staying in an area of Madrid that I am familiar with...albeit I totally suck at maps and directions so I can’t actually get us anywhere in a direct route. I take that back: I got us from the airport to the hotel without so much as a glitch! Gold star for that at least. Anyhoo, getting to the hotel at 10am it was far too early to check in. So we got ourselves sunshine and hot weather ready, stored our suitcases in the hotel lockers, and set off in search of all the sites. And well we didn’t see everything (yet), but we sure did cover a whole lot of ground.

But that’s where the action stops for today. Sleep is calling and I must answer. Catch you tomorrow with hopefully the rest of the days events.

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That is too bad the airline food wasn’t great. When we flew Iberia in January it was pretty good. Have you had tortilla yet?

by AnneO

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