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Friday, May 24, 2019

Coming to you from the queue for the Iberia desk at Madrid airport. Good thing we took the 8:15 shuttle as we may be in this line a while. As Cindy said, it’s like Walmart with all the lanes and only one open. I don’t quite understand as every other time they have nailed this check in process. Guess that’s all for now.

Mystery solved: they had all the other desks working on last minute check ins for a different flight. Once that ended, we were through in no time. Security was a breeze. Then we found out we need to do a train out to the satellite terminal...22 minutes from security. That is approaching, so here we go. How do you like this play by play?! Ha ha! My attempt to be proactive ;)


We arrived at terminal 4S with plenty of time to scope out the food situation. Lots of options, but most of them containing jamon. Sorry, but I just can’t even. Finally I located a beautiful looking chicken and roasted red pepper baguette, and it was delicious!! Finally I have broken my streak of the last thing eaten in a country being practically the worst thing. First last night’s dinner and now breakfast!!! Woo hoo...insert dancing.


And now I’m sitting on a very uncomfortable bar at gate S47/48 just waiting to board in no time at all. It’s still hard to believe that this trip has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I am definitely glad to have had the opportunity to go, the means by which to pull it off, and someone to join in the adventure. Hasta que nos vemos otra vez España, gracias por todo!! (Until we meet again Spain, thanks for everything!!)

But speaking of adventures, once I land back in the States, mine aren’t over. I land in Green Bay at 5:40 Friday night...get to sleep in my own bed...then drive to Milwaukee Saturday with a different suitcase...and head...sorry, but I can’t disclose that information. Three years post graduation from MSOE, my nephew is finally getting his gradbirthuation trip. Once he knows what we’re doing, then I can let the rest of you in on it. Stay tuned!!! And wish me and my exhaustion good luck.

Flight update: instead of the overcrowded plane with yucky food that brought us to Madrid, we are now rewarded with an under booked flight with yummy food on the way home. Cindy took off to grab her own chunk of seats and I’ve got my double window seat that I am loving. I just had a fabulous plate of albondigas (meatballs) and now I hope to finish typing before perhaps grabbing a little nap. I’ve only got about 8 hours to kill before O’Hare.


An hour and a half till landing and this has been one of the best international flights ever. Only the briefest of outbursts from a child and with my own row, I can move about the cabin as I like. I got all my typing done and had time to take in a movie. No naps for me, but that’s no real surprise. But seriously, how am I hungry yet again?!? I think I must have a tape worm :)

Sitting at the gate in O’Hare waiting for our delayed flight to board. Our Madrid flight thankfully arrived early, giving us extra time to jump through the customs and security hoops. And then the delays started. Just 15 minutes here and there, plus there have been 2 fire trucks sitting on the tarmac for a while. Makes you a bit uneasy to think what’s going on?! Well they were setting up for a water salute, thus the reason for the delay. That was pretty interesting to see, although I wish I knew specifically what it was for (google says it could be any of a number of reasons). Anyhoo, our gate is now clear for our plane to drive up to, so it shouldn’t be long now.


And now they are moving us to a completely different concourse. And I think it may be just about the furthest away they could get. Oh O’Hare, how you love to torture us travelers.

One hour later (make that an hour and a half) than scheduled, but we are now onboard with departure imminent. Let’s just get this over with already shall we?! My toothbrush, shower and bed are calling my name.

LANDED!!! 7:00pm Green Bay time and 2:00am Madrid time ????????

And naturally by the time I made it home I was hungry and a little more awake. Finally got to bed a little after 10:00 (stupid delays!!!). Not the bestest 9ish hours of sleep with waking up at 1:30, 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30, but hopefully it’s enough to get me through!!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

And lest you think my life is all perfect trips and fun adventures, I had a not so welcome home. I am currently sitting at the Tires Plus across the street from my apartment needing a shiny new battery and a tire patch. All I was trying to do was get my laundry done and repack. Not so fast...

My car wouldn’t start when I went to go to the laundromat. I immediately hoofed it to Tires Plus in a panic, as I need to be in Milwaukee today. Nice guy #1 walked over with me and a battery starter. Got it going, so #1 left and I was gonna drive over for a new battery. The low tire pressure symbol was on, but not a surprise since it’s been sitting a while. I pulled out to drive over and heard bad noises. So I got out and the passenger front tire is flat flat. Ugh!!! Luckily nice neighbor guy #2 is at his garage (not knowing about my battery incident) and offered to go get an air pump from Tires Plus. While #2 is gone, another nice guy #3 pulls in to pick something up from someone else and he jumps out with an air pump in his hand. #3 starts airing it up, when #2 & #1 arrive and finish the job. It’s a tire that was previously plugged and patched, so hopefully they can just fix that and I don’t need a new tire. Definitely not my idea of a welcome home/safe travels sendoff.

They can't fix the patch, so a new tire it is too. Way too many dollars later, I will hopefully be ready to safely roll on out of here.

But on the major plus side, this all happened at the security of my garage, not on the side of a road or highway somewhere. Is this the kind of daily adventures you were looking for Linda?! Let’s hope these are my only ones!!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

One final recap to put this adventure to rest. I thought it only fitting to post it on the eve of my next adventure: as I will start my new job bright and early tomorrow morning. That’s more than a tad nerve racking and exciting; making me even more thankful that I had all these other adventures to keep my mind occupied and away from all the worry and wonder leading up to it.

So yes, last Saturday I did finally make it down to Milwaukee with my new battery and tire. I did dinner with my sister and brother-in-law before heading to bed early. The next morning we were up at 4:30, headed to pick up my nephew and dash off for our flight to Vegas!! Talk about completely confusing and already wonky system by traveling through a few more time zones. Thankfully it may have actually helped me get over the jet lag faster (or maybe my body is just good with sleep deprivation). In any case, we kept our Vegas secret from Nathan right up until the airport shuttle driver blew it (gaaaa). But I suppose, we couldn’t have gotten him through security without knowing his destination, so it was ok (just a little anticlimactic that he found out by overhearing “good luck...I hope you win if you gamble.”).


Anyhoo, the trip itself was loads of fun with lots more miles walked on my already tired feet and bunches more tasty food consumed. Aside from the weather being unseasonably cool and just not having enough time to do everything we wanted, it was a grand time had by all. The trip to Hoover Dam, the ride in the High Roller Ferris wheel, and the Bellagio fountains and conservatory were definitely some of the highlights. And it’s safe to say that if I never return to Vegas, I’m totally ok with that.


After flight delays coming home from there as well, we landed back in MKE and I opted to use my time zone rattled brain to my advantage. That meant telling myself 9:45pm Wednesday was actually only 7:45pm so I had plenty of time to drive home. It worked and I was back to my own little apartment with four free days to recoup and get ready to dive back into the real world tomorrow. I hope this mushy, unused brain is up to the challenge and I don’t make too much of a fool out of myself. Time to start saving for my next adventures ;)
Have passport, will travel...

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